Associates and Affiliates

CBE’s associates provide highly specialised assistance, within the biopharmaceutical sector and in allied fields, such as IT and communications. They work closely with CBE’s experts to ensure premium outcomes across all areas of activity.

Mark Forbes

Mark provides strategic communications guidance to corporate clients and institutions. An award-winning journalist and editor, he specialises in reputation building communications strategies. He is the founder of Forbes Consultancy.

Rai Karklins

Rai has over 25 years’ experience in Chemical, Pharmaceutical, and Biotech (Cell culture/Vaccines), from startup Biotechs, to MNC including senior level quality, operational and project roles. He regularly assists CBE with compliance, remediation, technology transfer, scale up and quality system projects.

Daniel Price

Daniel is a highly experienced computer systems validation specialist with extensive international experience working with integration and governance of enterprise level and process automation and computerised systems. He assists CBE with CSV projects when required.

Our Affiliates

CBE works with and supports several affiliates. They include: Hong Kong Institute Biotechnology (supporting biotechnology programs in Hong Kong and China); Plunkett Consulting (supporting regulatory and clinical research projects in Australia and Asia Pacific Region); Complya China (supporting quality, compliance, facility design and due diligence programs in China); Biotech East (supporting Biotech initiatives in Taiwan). CBE team members provide pro-bono support to professional organisations including ISPE, Standards Australia and other regulatory agencies.