CBE Chairs Session at ARCS Australia 2022 Annual Conference

General May 2022

CBE Chairs Session at ARCS Australia 2022 Annual Conference


CBE Director and Partner, Steve Williams Chairs 'New frontiers and challenges in manufacturing mRNA and regenerative medicines' Session at ARCS Australia 2022 Annual Conference, along with Jan Bekker (Director, Business Development, APAC Biocina), Gerry McKiernan (Director of Quality, Cell Therapies) and Andrew Watson Director CBE.

The session covered: Why industry 4.0 is critical to the success of ATMPs: There are many bottle necks currently impeding not only the scale up and commercialisation of ATMP’s but also the translation of these technologies from research institutions to manufacturing entities. This presentation shall highlight some of the current difficulties and how Industry 4.0 could be used to eliminate these. xRNA as treatment modality – it is not all about COVID-19: Recent advances in generation, purification and delivery have enabled RNA-based therapeutics to emerge as powerful platform for the treatment of multiple diseases. This rapidly expanding new category of drugs are changing the standard of care for many diseases, will soon make personalised/precision medicine a reality and can target previously undruggable pathways. It is a disruptive therapeutic technology that can be rapidly developed at a cost-effective price point and is relatively easy to manufacture.

Thankyou to the ISPE and ARCS Australia for the invitation and opportunity for Centre for Biopharmaceutical Excellence (CBE) to Chair and present at this important session.