GMP Training uplifts UNSW RNA Institute

General Training June 2023

GMP Training uplifts UNSW RNA Institute


Increasing GMP capabilities key to manufacturing Australian innovations onshore

Led by Director Professor Pall Thordarson, with collaborative input from other universities and institutes, UNSW RNA Institute’s main goal is to expedite the research of RNA-based vaccines and therapies to commercialisation.

However, as the institute develops their technologies and expands production, a shortage of staff trained in Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) in Australia posed a substantial challenge to an organisation’s growth.
Speaking about this challenge, Alison Ho, Quality Manager at UNSW RNA Institute said: “the RNA ecosystem has only just been established… so finding qualified staff is an issue.”

NSW RNA Institute Technical Officer Susannah Brown agreed; “we are working from the ground up and starting almost from scratch.”

Powered by MTPConnect’s Research Exchange and Development in Industry (REDI) initiative, CBE’s GMP Uplift Essentials program is a 5-day equivalent course designed to upskill new starts in the core principals of GMP. Delivered by CBE and its Consortia, GMP Uplift takes theoretical into practice through experiential learning.

Since taking part in CBE’s GMP Uplift Essentials Program, training has had an immediate effect on the institute’s facility practices. “Good lab and documentation practices to ensure product and data quality/integrity are integral to our work now,” said Susannah Brown of UNSW RNA Institute.

“We implemented more streamlined GMP style forms, and are double checking of some of the more crucial steps,” said Hsiu Li of UNSW RNA Institute. Speaking about the Essentials Program, CBE Director Steve Williams said “the GMP Uplift Essentials Program builds experience for those early in their GMP career journey, giving them foundational, yet practical skills.”

“Importantly, REDI supported places are making a difference for start-ups, small and medium companies transitioning from development to manufacturing and enabling them to incorporate a compliance wrap. “We’re very pleased to have the team at UNSW RNA Institute take part in the GMP Uplift Essentials Program and it’s great to hear they got a lot out of the program.”